Thursday, March 24

Oh, great.

I go to Google. I start to type and get as far as "rep", and up pops "Repairing drywall after wallpaper removal". Gah! Why do you taunt me, Google?!

I've been working more on the dining room wallpaper. It is actually coming along faster than I thought it would. I've made some pretty good progress on getting down some remaining spots of paper, without damaging more of the drywall. I'm close to trying to use the orbital sander, with a high grit sandpaper, on the walls to try to remove some of the thick, dried glue and remaining bits of paper. This might not be the advised course of action, but what the heck. The walls can't get any worse than they are right now, so I figure I might as well try something that could save us a little time.

Once we have the walls in decent enough condition comes the process of prime, patch, sand, skim coat, and repeat as necessary. I was feeling hopeless for a while, but now I am convinced it can be done, and in a reasonable amount of time, at that.

If you recall, we started here. Terrible. Seriously, just awful. This trompe l'oeil paper was easily the worst one in the house.

Aaaand this is where we are now. This is a particularly bad section of wall. I've done some preliminary spackling on the end wall, although in this picture it's hard to tell what is what. It looks scary, I know, but progress has been made. One little piece at a time, eventually it will all come down.

Wednesday, March 2

All washed up!

I think I touched on the subject of a laundry room/mudroom makeover in one of my recent posts. The ivy and floral wallpaper is the least offensive to me, when compared to the rest of the house. Somehow though, with the now open laundry closet doors (due to the bulging face of the new dryer), exposing the well papered interior, it drives me crazy. As much as I hate the bi-fold doors, at least they were a neat alternative to viewing the wire shelves and laundry mess.

This is our main entry to the house, so it very quickly gets strewn with shoes, coats, shopping bags, etc. There is a laundry bin, but also usually a heap of dirty dish towels and Maybe's dirty blankets. Her stuff gets so covered in hair I hate to even put it in the hamper with everything else, so on the floor they go.

My dream is a cheery, well organized room. I'd like to ditch the wire shelving in favor of some sturdy wooden shelves that are longer and deeper. I want to have a section for hanging clothes to air-dry, and some small bins or baskets for storage. Yes! An excuse to buy baskets! I want a bright, fun color, but nothing too shocking, being this is a main entry to the house. This could be a great place to bring in a fun color that may be a bit too much for a larger, or more public room.

My first step was to finally take down the bifold doors. One was permanently open, and the other, although it would close, seemed in the way just the same. Last Saturday morning after breakfast, I decided to get rid of them once and for all. It did not go as quickly as I thought it would. It was my understanding that I could lift the doors up and off their tracks, then take them down. Alas, it was not so easy. There was a series of hardware keeping the door on, and nearly all of it was impossible to access. One set of screws was rusted in place from moisture, it was a mess. After calling in Dave for help, and pulling out both the washer and dryer, we finally got them both down and tucked away in the basement.

It looks much more open now, and although I originally thought I'd want to hang some curtains in place of the doors, now I'm not so sure. Perhaps the option might be nice, to be able to close things off at times, but for now, less is more.

We've promised ourselves we won't start taking down any more wallpaper until we've completed the dining room or bathroom. We can't have a whole house full of distressed, half de-papered (yes, that's totally a word, I say so) rooms. In the meantime I've looked up some inspiration photos so I'll have something to dream about...

I'm in love! This is one of my favorite colors, although it would be a bit too much for our little mudroom/laundry room. It makes me wish I used powdered laundry soap, just so I can have a big glass jar of it to display.

More blue, but this is a little more my speed. No need to leave out the laundry room when decorating. A sweet print and a Lucite stool play nicely off a damask print ironing board.

I love the pull out drying rack, very convenient and space saving. Ironing board covers have come a long way, have they not? I can't commit to having my ironing board so far away from my bedroom. I'm a compulsive ironer, and I'm also big on the snooze button in the morning, so I need my iron upstairs. For people that don't iron their jeans every time they put them on, this is a great solution. I'm starting to think I could just fake it with a big jar of powdered soap and hide the liquid.