Friday, October 11

The Bambina

She takes up all of our free time (and most of our sleep), but we wouldn't have it any other way. She graced our presence two weeks and one day early, on the day of one of my best friend's weddings. (I was really looking forward to that wedding, dammit. I fully plan on guilting her with this later in life) Anyway, she is sweet and beautiful and perfect in every way. We got really lucky with this one.

Coming back!

and with big news! I've been a little busy lately, as you can see by my total lack of posts since last summer, but the blog is back in business. We're smack dab in the middle of a renovation project that has currently overtaken our whole house. In just a few weeks it will be complete, and it's going to feel like we're living in a brand new home. Right now the final touches are being put on the kitchen, and from there our contractors will move to the family room to work on a window/door replacement and will then tear up and replace the existing hardwoods.

All of this was spurred by the worsening condition of the kitchen and family room floors. The hardwood was splitting and bowing, making it difficult to walk on, and impossible to put a crawling baby on. Did I mention we had a baby?  The bambina is almost one, and we really needed to take steps to make sure she could get around safely. Where the kitchen was concerned, if the floor was coming up, then everything was coming out. Crooked tiles, brass trim counter tops (oh yes, brass trim), over sized soffits...all of it. Pictures of the final product to come soon!

While that has been going on, we've also been working on making over the powder room and creating a playroom in one of the spare bedrooms. I'm hoping to get the playroom wrapped up this weekend, with a little sewing help from my mom.

More to come! I promise!