Tuesday, July 27

Fresh paint.

The living room is on its way to being done. It is slowly taking shape as the game room, since we have no need for a formal living room right now. It’s been painted a lovely shade of blue, much improved from the matte white it was. I think this may be the only room to never have had wallpaper. Which means no spackle, no sanding, just lots and lots of painter’s tape before we got started. We did find evidence of another paint color, something in the taupe/cocoa family, not a bad color actually. The trim is still a very creamy off white, as it is in the rest of the house. When I say very creamy, I mean it’s almost yellow. I’d love for it to be a bit more white, but with all the trim in the house that’s quite an undertaking. Another year maybe.

The smaller flat screen now sits on top of the fireplace mantle, flanked by my vases of peacock feathers. I think they look great there, and it’s also the only place they can really live since Andre would eat them if he could get within reach of them. The Wii is all hooked up, and has been tested of course, so now there is an official Wii TV, with plenty of room to rock out and jump around. I tend to throw elbows when we play hockey, and Mario Kart, well pretty much anything where I’m losing. The rod hockey table is almost ready to go, just waiting on a few replacement parts before we can finish setting it up. We got a really nice dart board, in a little black cupboard, that needs to be hung up. Ping pong has officially been vetoed, at least for upstairs as it would take up the whole room. If we can find a good deal on Craig’s list there is still plenty of room in the basement. I have this feeling that I am an undiscovered ping pong bad ass. I just need a table, and my ping pong legend will be born.

My CL chairs will go in there, along with the most recent CL addition, a corner table I scored for $20 last weekend. It's in the process of some minor repairs to the veneer face. With a fresh coat of paint, a creme found in the Oops bin at Home Depot for $1 (with primer built in!), it will be all set.

So it’s a start. We’re still working on coordinating the artwork for the room. I have my heart set on getting this daybed as well.

New, can you believe it? I’ve seen this in the last few West Elm catalogs but without a need for it I never really gave it much thought. When I saw it again the other day I thought it would be perfect for in there. We want something casual, for lounging, and as this holds a twin mattress, it would also be handy for extra overnight guests. I’m crossing my fingers it will go on sale at some point in the next few months, so we’ll hold out for that.

Before and after pictures to come this week! Every time I walk by the room I love the color more and more.

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