Wednesday, August 11

It's not easy being green.

Better late than never right? I hope. We've been so busy doing actual work on the house that I haven't had time to blog about our accomplishments. More is on the way, but here goes with the office finally.

Green is one of my favorite colors, but it's also one of the toughest to get right in a paint color. I think we've pulled this shade off. It's called Asparagus, and we're thrilled with the outcome. We thought it would be fun to go a little bold in the office, and we wanted to find a shade that would work with the pictures and diplomas we had to go in there. Here are a few before and after pics of our first completed room. Oh shoot, well, almost. We do have blinds to hang up, but it's pretty close to being done.

Before, the office was boring white. The built-in shelves were in disarray and the room was generally disorganized.

Cleaning up and organizing the built-ins made such a huge difference. It took a few hours one night to accomplish this, taking everything down and then putting back into place. Of course I'm completely anal about these types of things, so everything had to be placed within a millimeter of perfection.

Here's a better view of the wall color. The room is a bit tight to get a better view than this. We're lucky the walls were in such good shape, because don't you know it, there used to be wallpaper there. Plaid wallpaper. Yes, plaid.

So we'll call it done since the blinds were an afterthought. For me, especially in this house where we're plagued by all this wallpaper, a sign of a finished room is art on the walls. It felt really great to get some pictures up finally. For our first painting project I think we did a great job. Since there is crown moulding and trim everywhere it was easy to tape it all off and get to work. There were lots of high fives in our house that night.

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  1. Ohhh, I like it! It's such a happy shade of green:)