Sunday, January 15

I almost passed this up.

This antique dressing table is another lucky hand-me-down from my aunt and uncle. Beautifully hand painted by my aunt, it had lived in their guest bedroom for as long as I could remember. Actually, it shared a room with the full size bed that we are now so happy to have in our guest bedroom. Clearly, my aunt and uncle were ready for a change, and luckily for us, were ready to give up these great treasures.

I was going to pass on this dressing table, as the faux finish was not really my style. My sister encouraged me to give it another thought, and my aunt reassured me that I'd of course be free to do with it whatever I wanted, no guilt, no worries. And with that green light, I moved quickly (before I changed my mind).

I knew I wanted to use a cool aqua to pair with the gray walls in the small guest bedroom. I picked a color, and at the last minute changed my mind to go one shade darker, and I'm so glad I did. I used Benjamin Moore's Oceanfront, and the color is exactly what I wanted. I used a paint with a built in primer, to make sure I got even coverage over the existing faux paint finish.

I still have to finish painting the knobs and put them back on. I dressed it up with a few accessories, including this Boston Terrier piggy bank from Urban Outfitters and a stack of books we picked up at a local antique store. It also makes a great place for the latest addition to my vintage hat collection.

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