Monday, September 6

Great Expectations.

Last week, while brainstorming ideas for the guest bedroom ,I was looking for canopy ideas. Something a little different and fun for our visitors. I found what I thought were some really cute inspiration photos, only to be met with a look of distaste from Dave. "That's creepy", he said. I was utterly confused. Creepy? I mean it's one thing to say you don't like it. Too much fabric, too girly, too ruffly, I get it. But creepy? "How is that creepy?" I asked.

"It reminds me of something out of Miss Havisham's house".

Oh boy.

Well now you've done it.

Great Expectations, one of my most hated school reading assignments. I'm thinking now I should re-read it to see if I can figure out exactly why I hated it so much. I can guess why, Charles Dickens has always depressed the heck out of me. But I recall there was something about that book I detested so much at the time. Anyway, Miss Havisham. A name that immediately conjures up images of a old, yellowed satin and lace. A name that instantly makes me cringe to hear it. "You're crazy!" I stated, Miss Havisham?! No way! as I scoured google images for something that was actually a bit more Havishamesque. Something like, I don't know, this...

or this...

I can see guests being uncomfortable in a room like this, especially if it's all crammed into a much smaller room, with much lower ceiling. This is too much. Agreed.

I was determined to redeem my idea, however fleeting it may have been at the time. I kept searching, occasionally getting an "eh" from Dave. We're getting closer. And then I found this...

Oooh. Oh. Oh that's nice. Uh huh, yup. Now we're talking. This is serene, peaceful. A lovely cocoon of coziness. There is a bit more going on here than what I'd imagined for our guest room, but at least we're heading back in the right direction. I'm thinking something a bit simpler, that will still be unexpected. There are so many beautiful fabrics out there that I'd love to incorporate, and this is such a great way to do it. Here are a few more examples of what I think would work.

Stripes and a simple box frame keep this look clean, and let the curves of the headboard stand out. I'd like to see a bit more space between the headboard and the canopy, to really give the headboard a good frame, but overall I like this combo.

*I really love this bedside table.

Hmmm...twin beds for guests? I love this look when done in pairs. Hot pink balanced with lots of crisp, clean white. The lining really makes the cut outs in the headboard pop. The fun fabric keeps this look from being too stiff or serious.

Symmetry at it's best. This vintage glam bedroom has an old Hollywood feel. Notice the puzzle piece cut outs in the canopy frames.

My favorite thing about this bed is the gentle mix of colors. Gray and yellow zig-zag on the box pleat frame, paired with ice blue drapery lined with fuchsia. The light blue keeps it airy while the dark fuchsia creates a great little sleeping cave.

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