Tuesday, December 14

I saw Santa!

And it made me as giddy as a five year old on Christmas morning. Driving through town Friday evening on my way to run a few errands, I saw a man dressed as Santa standing in his front yard. I yelled out, Santa! (to myself), and quickly tooted the horn to say hello. Santa waved back, and I was immediately struck by a wave of what could only be Christmas spirit. That translated into a stop to pick up a few bottles of Prosecco. Nothing says holidays like some bubbly, right?

Saturday we got right into Christmas mode. We drove up to a nearby garden center, recommended by a friend of ours, to get our tree. Maybe came with us, in one of her holiday sweaters, to help find the perfect one. Instead she ended up bullying Lilly, the black lab that lived there, so back to the car she went. She occupied herself with figuring out how to get out of her sweater while we checked out the nursery store. They had an amazing collection of Christmas trees, all decked out with different ornaments for sale. They also had some gorgeous wreaths for sale, all real, in a variety of sizes. Beautiful as they were, they cost almost as much as the tree, so I held off. Somewhere I have a pretty decent fake I have to put out for the season. So we picked out some ornaments, and also grabbed some clearance bulbs to plant when spring rolls around.

We settled on a 7' Fraser fir for our Christmas tree. We took it home and then headed back out to do some Christmas shopping. At Target we found a new star for the top, along with some new gold bulbs, icicles, and a stocking for Maybe. The only thing I couldn't find was lights for the tree. There was a whole row of lights, but none of them were what we were looking for. LED lights, colored lights, globe lights...but regular white lights were no where to be found.

Thankfully, Christmas Tree Shops saved the day on Sunday, and we were able to stock up on lights. It took forever to get the tree trimmed enough to stay up straight in the stand, but finally we got it up. The Fraser is a pretty tree, and quite tough, but weaving the lights in and out was a bit of a challenge. It's nearly finished, we have some more ornaments to sort through and put up.
As you can see, Maybe has been gearing up for the holidays as well. So far her and Andre have been careful to slow down when they chase each other around the tree. My tuckered out little reindeer is curled up in my lap as we speak ,which is making it really hard to type. On that note, goodnight!

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