Saturday, April 23

Boo! Hiss!

Well, the installation of our shiny new appliances did not go as smoothly as we'd hoped. In fact, it did not go smoothly at all.

Problem #1 - Delivery man says, "They told you we can't install or uninstall water lines on the fridge, right?"

No, no they did not.

Eye roll and a heavy sigh in return. Ok, he decides to check out the situation with the dishwasher. He peeks under the kitchen sink, and then turns to us, "Ok, so the problem is..."

I can't remember the rest. Something about not being able to connect the dishwasher tubing to our copper pipes, something needing to be retro fit, blah, blah, blah. He apologizes profusely, and said we should have received instructions on how to prepare for the install. We got nothing of the sort. Considering we had five days to prepare, some instructions would have been nice. The very nice delivery man suggested we call a plumber who will easily be able to handle both installs, for about the same price as what we'd paid Home Depot for installation (which of course would be refunded to us).

They were kind enough to get the fridge into the kitchen so it won't have far to go to get into place. We chuckled as they carefully laid cardboard on our floors to protect them from scuffing. Please, give us an excuse to tear this crap up. The fridge now sits, ready to go, in all its stainless glory.

The dishwasher is still in the box in the garage. We haven't even had a chance to see it yet. And the old relic that we mocked and teased all last week about how its days were numbered, stays in place for a few more days.

The plumber comes on Tuesday. I will say, it was a good practice run, since the fridge and freezer were both emptied in anticipation of the move. When that didn't happen, I took it as a good opportunity to do some long overdue cleaning out.

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