Sunday, April 10

Drumroll please!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Rulloff!

Our new little guy is definitely keeping things interesting around here, and not just because we're back to being on constant accident watch. Unlike his big sister, he is very independent. When he is tired, he heads off to his crate, or hops on whatever is close and soft, usually Maybe's bed. He and Maybe have grown quite fond of each other, and she even tolerates him when he steals her bed. We have a running dialogue of the things we think Maybe is saying when it comes to Rulloff.

"Dad, oh geez Dad, he pooped on the rug again. So gross. Can you believe that? I would never..."

"...but I don't want to stay on the deck with Rulloff. He's such a baby."

She's got some serious big-sister syndrome, but she is also very clearly happy to have someone to play with. He entertains her way more than we ever could. A new, much larger bed is in the works for the kitchen, as he tends to bump her out of hers. He likes to sleep right in the middle, and she seems to end up on the floor. "God, Rulloff! I was here first! Move over!"

Although they are full-blood siblings, Rulloff looks much more like his father, and much more like a boy. He's got a big block head, and quite a serious face for such a sweet little guy. If you're wondering about the name, well it's a bit of a funny story. When we first heard the name, we thought it would make a cool name for a dog, and when we read the story, it got even better. Now some may say we're setting ourselves up for trouble, but if nothing else, it makes for a great story. Click here to find out about Edward Rulloff.

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  1. Oh my goodness he is adorable! I didn't realize how small he was until I saw the picture of him with Maybe. Too cute! Welcome little Rulloff!