Sunday, May 15

All on a rainy Sunday.

The rain is back. Today it rained, and rained, and still it continues to rain. This was supposed to be our weekend to build the stairs up to the upper lawn, but it was not meant to be. After a busy Saturday, we let ourselves sleep in this morning, but quickly made up for any lost time.

We installed the final touches on the new dishwasher and refrigerator. That consisted of mounting the dishwasher to the underside of the counter, and balancing and leveling both appliances. They look great in their new homes.

Next we put together the hand-me-down bed frame in the guest room. We'd previously had a metal "Hollywood" frame, with no headboard. This beautiful antique came from my Aunt and Uncle, who were glad to see it go.


After (updated with Spring bedding) Among other things, this wall was screaming for some verticality. The headboard helps fill up some empty wall space.

The foot board curves out from the mattress, providing some extra toe room for our taller guests. I also recently replaced the existing curtains with these gray panels.

The artwork next to the windows are poems I typed and printed to fit the oval Syroco frames. They were originally gold, with images of a county home, all in tones of rust and gold. The frames took the black spray paint beautifully. I'd like to find some portraits to fill them, but for now the poems will suffice. I found a few old poems about the sea, and played around with fonts and color until I found something I liked.

These will be the new bedside tables. We picked them up last weekend, another Craig's List steal at $25 a piece. They'll need a light sanding, and then a fresh coat of paint. I was initially thinking red, which is never a fun color to try to pick a shade of. It's so easy to go so terribly wrong. But now that the room is taking shape, and I've had a chance to start to look at how the colors are coming together, I'm thinking of going with a very dark fuchsia. A pink so dark it almost looks red. Something like this...

This is a section of Benjamin Moore's Classic colors. No. 1343, Fuchsine, is my front runner so far. I have to sneak my pinks and purples in where I can, and the guest bedroom is a perfect place for it.

We also hung our new piece of artwork in the family room, but that will have to be another post. The cleaning of the garage that we did is much less exciting, and I'll probably skip the post on that.

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