Monday, June 6

Take Two.

This was my first attempt at the new bedside tables for the guest bedroom. My first paint color fail. I was so excited to get these sanded, primed and painted so quickly. But the paint color was just not right. I liked it, but it wasn't what it was supposed to be. Not at all even close to the sample.

And so I accepted defeat, and drove back to Home Depot. I selected a deeper, much more red shade, with a built in primer to make sure it went on well over the pink.

After the first coat, I could already tell it was much better. I am really glad I sucked up the $13 and went for the new color. I am really pleased with them. As you can see I also had another project going at the same time, a revamp of an old coffee table that will soon serve as our TV stand.

My goal is to find a pair of lamps, a few more accessories, and a few more pieces of wall art, and then be done. Done! This was originally supposed to be the "Boat Room", and house all of our various boat artwork. At some point the room took a different turn, and the old artwork didn't seem to fit anymore. Thank goodness for Etsy and its endless supply of cool art.

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