Thursday, September 29

Our best production yet.

We've been busy. Not so much around the house, but more in a we got married and then went on a two week honeymoon to Spain! Yay, us! Now that is what I call being productive.

It was a perfect little day. We got dressed for an 11am appointment at City Hall. Dave realized he couldn't find the bow tie to his tux and was just about to dash off to the mall when I remembered I'd bought a black satin tie for him for Christmas, but I'd stashed it in the closet and then forgotten about it when Christmas rolled around last year. Me (rifling through his tie rack)"What happened to that black tie I got you for Christmas last year?" Dave, "What black tie?" Doh! I dug around in my hanging closet organizer and found it still in its hiding place.

Our photographer arrived and we hurried off downtown. After a brief but very lovely ceremony we drove to our photo location, a former private residence with amazing gardens. As you can see, our photographer is amazing!

After our photo shoot we headed off to the local pub for snacks and a few cocktails, then home for a nap before dinner. Photo shoots are hard work, and we were pooped from a day in the sun. We got back into our dressy clothes and went to our favorite restaurant for dinner. It was a lovely day, and we got to do it exactly like we wanted to.

I was going to stop here, but you know I had to get some pictures of Maybe and Rulloff in here. I bought them both flowers for the occasion, a corsage for Maybe, and a boutonniere for Ru. Rulloff barely made it 5' from the car before he'd lost his flower. Good thing he already comes dressed in his "tux". Maybe kept hers on like a good little Maid of Honor.


  1. Congratulations! The pictures are lovely, especially those with Maybe and Rulloff. I wanted to bring our Bostons to our wedding, but I was terrified that they would jump all over people and either get someone dirty (most likely me in the big white dress) or knock someone over.

  2. Just perfect! Congratulations!