Monday, January 13

A little more on that pink paint.

If you recall, this is where we began. Terrible wallpaper. Tons of it.'re not fooling anyone! 
Poor me. So very naive. 
Embarrassingly, this was the result of my attempts to remove the dining room wallpaper by myself. This was the first room we tackled, and then we gave up. After a while, it took on a sort of charm, and whenever we talked about getting it fixed once and for all, family members said we should keep it. But no, the destructo-chic had to go. If you recall, we eventually hired a contractor to come and repair the walls in the dining room, mudroom, powder room, hall and foyer, and the master bedroom. I can't believe we had so much wallpaper. I swear, I've blocked out the bad memories at this point.

So yeah, this was my mess. You can see here where I attempted to patch some of the tears, mostly to see how the plaster would take. 

And then, suddenly, it looked like this. It was such an amazing transformation, and it happened so quickly. I went to work, and when I came home, this is what I found. One day of professional work. Note to self, pay someone to do this crap right away. Do not attempt!

And the finished room. In order to save a little money, I opted to paint myself. Our contractor prepped and primed the walls so they were 100% ready to be painted. I convinced Dave to let me paint it pink. I told him he just had to trust me, and that since I was painting it myself anyway, I should get to pick the color. So, pink it is. The color is Benjamin Moore Rosemist, a pale pink with a hint of purple in it. It is really lovely, and not overwhelmingly pink at all.

I pulled the color from the fabric I bought for the curtains (below). I still need to put this together, it is next on my list, seriously. I have black cotton duck for the header, and Sea of Tears, from Tula Pink, for the drapes themselves. The panels will just be decorative. The vellum roller shade is still in place if we ever want total privacy (from the deer?) in that room.

Tula Pink - Parisville Collection, Sea of Tears, in Dusk
bought on, my go-to for fabric.

Maybe I will work on this tonight. Blog accountability! I just need my sewing machine, and my trusty staple gun to recover the header, which you can see in the first picture at the top of this post. That little ruffle is stitched on FOR LIFE, so I'll be cutting it off as close to the base as I can, and then putting on a layer of batting to cover any remnants.

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