Thursday, January 2

The collection begins.

A's chair collection is off to a great start. Even before she was born she had her first Eames chair, a molded plastic armchair rocker, or RAR. I refused to buy one of those hideous gliders, and well, I found pretty much everything else out there to be terrible. Especially for some of the prices. I refuse to buy a hideous glider, but I especially refuse to spend $700 on one. Nope, nope, nope.

I decided on the Aqua Sky color, and I ordered from (they offered free shipping)

It was a lot smaller than I expected once it arrived and was unwrapped, but it fits perfectly in her room.
The second piece in her collection is a child size replica of the Eames LCW, which I purchased from
Little As soon as I saw this, I was smitten.

The "Woody" from
I mean, come on now with this cuteness. It came unassembled and took me about 5 minutes to put together. It is often out of stock (it currently is unavailable), but after some patient waiting and watching I managed to get one on a major sale. I still consider it a splurge, because I spend $60 on a decorative chair for a baby, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. It sits in her playroom and she climbs up and sits on it all the time. The base is wide enough that I don't need to worry (too much) about her tipping it over.
Next up on my list:
The "Mini Bert"
A mini version of the Bertoia wire chair, 2 for $178, also available on

Lou Lou Ghost chair


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