Friday, April 23

Lawn Service.

I'm starting to think we have the worst lawn on the block. We are almost surely the only people who haven't had their lawns professionally serviced, in the neighborhood, and possibly even the entire town. Perhaps if we only needed some minor clean up and manicuring, but we are far beyond that. I can't imagine what it would cost to have someone come in and do what needs to be done. We'd surely be spending a fortune. I prefer to get my hands a little dirty anyway. How else am I going to start my summer tan? I always thought lawn companies were for especially bad cases of crap grass, weeds, etc. Although it would be nice to come home one day and magically have it all done, we're ready and willing to roll up our sleeves and put in a little (a lot, a whole lot) of work.

It looks like the weather is going to hold out for us, at least for Saturday. Sunny and 70. Perfect! The good thing about having a squirmy, almost but not quite housebroken puppy is that we are up really early these days, even on Saturdays. So here we go. Another trip to Lowe's tonight to grab a few more supplies and we'll be ready to work. Hopefully I'll have some good before and after pictures on Monday. The forecast is calling for rain on Sunday, but we have more than enough to work on inside if that's the case.

Also in the plans is a proper compost bin. Even with a rude note from our elderly neighbor (did I mention that?) about putting our "trash" in the woods, and something about this being a "neighborhood and not a farmland!" we will be proceeding with the composting of our fruit and vegetable scraps, etc. Since compost bins can be quite expensive I'm planning on rigging a regular black trash can (thanks for the tip Manny!) with some ventilation holes and some wire mesh to keep animals out. Although I would really like to put it right on the edge of our lovely neighbor's lawn, unfortunately there isn't much sun on that corner (I'll be sure to make my defiance of her nasty note known in other ways).

I can't wait to check out the plants at Lowes. I've been noticing what the neighbors have coming up and what seems to work in the shade. All the same things that my research has told me will do well; bleeding hearts, azaleas, hostas, ferns. I really want to get some color going. I really want to find a spot for a lilac bush, or two. The few flowers that have come up have been quite sporadic. One single red tulip, one cluster of hyacinth, a lone daffodil. At least now I know these early spring flowers will still bloom, I will be putting in quite a few more bulbs for next year. There is a massive cluster of Daylilies growing in the back, I can't wait for those to bloom.

Wish us luck!

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