Monday, April 26

No mercy.

Well Saturday ended up being a perfect day to tackle some yard work. Sunny, not too hot...perfect for some extreme landscaping. We made a trip to Lowe's Friday night to pick up a few more supplies, and it turns out they were much needed. A pair of bypass pruners and a hacksaw were by far our best purchases. The results of the day far exceeded our expectations. We tore through the front yard, pulling up weeds, vines, dead and half dead trees. A few times Dave shouted over to me, How about this one? Can I tear it down? and I yelled back yes without even lifting my head. Get rid of it all!

We met a few neighbors, who all informed us that nothing had been done in our yard for quite some time. We are in fact, the eyesore of the neighborhood. I met our next door neighbor who told me she'd planted shrubs hoping they would quickly grow taller than the mess in our side yard. Her plan didn't work so well. The side yard, which is a slope that expands about 30' out from the garage, is a total disaster. We pulled quite a few small, dead oak trees, some large bushes and fallen branches. The leaves on the ground are at least a foot deep.

Clearing out of the side yard actually exposed a lot of sunlight on that side, as well as tons more Daylilies and a large clump of something that may or may not be Peonies. I'm thinking this side yard might really expand our plant possibilities, it gets sun pretty much all day. I'm thinking a big lilac or two might fill in nicely and add some color over there. So many thoughts.

I also finally spray painted my resin urn. I found this on the street in Brooklyn a few summers ago and have been meaning to clean it up a bit ever since.

It needs a plant of course, but at least it's one thing off my to do list! More work to come this weekend. I'm plotting some things for the backyard too, I'm just trying not to get ahead of ourselves.

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