Friday, April 16

Sweet, sweet Anthropologie.

I ventured yesterday for the first time into the "new" Anthropologie in the mall. Although it opened several months ago I knew I needed to stay away. This has long been one of my favorite stores, a mandatory destination for whenever I went to NYC. So now there is one less than ten minutes away. Eek! It's too much, too full of beautiful, interesting little things. Forget the clothes, as lovely as they may be, I tend to look past them and go straight for the housewares and the stores unique displays. I fell in love with a few things (ok I'm totally lying, I want everything!) I'll share a few of my favorites... I would die for this Louisa Settee, with beautifully swirled blue cotton and linen upholstery. Only $2500? Hell, I'll take two!

Now this is much more reasonable, with the creamer and sugar dish for under $20. I don't think the picture even does it justice. The little touches of green and the delicate texture are just so lovely.

There was one thing that I just couldn't leave there, well, make that two things. But I had a vision of how to turn these otherwise expensive dinner napkins into some much more economical throw pillows. I bought a set of these... I plan on backing them with some sturdy off-white cotton that I have already, and taking some fiber fill off my mom's hands. She's offered it up so why not. I love, love, love this Ikat fabric. It's really soft and the fringe is already there so one less step for me. Time to bust out the sewing machine!

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