Wednesday, October 20

Let there be light.

Once again the chainsaw has brought down another round of trees. I never thought I would be responsible for the simultaneous destruction of so many trees, but it really has made such a difference in the backyard. Of course there are still a ton of trees, they are just a little less crowded now. And there is one in particular that I don’t have to worry about falling on my house anymore.

The canopy over the yard has been significantly decreased, mostly by the one crooked tree (seen below). I’m glad I wasn’t home for this round. I would not have been able to watch as those monster trees fell so dangerously close to my house. From what I’ve heard, and what you can see below, the large crooked tree had a close call. Luckily it just missed the house, landing on top of my rock wall, and just next to the picket fence behind the garage. Good thing my little wall is solid. The upper yard in the back is really taking shape now. Removing a few of the smaller trees right in the middle has given us a pretty large open space.

The tree in the middle is the "crooked" tree. It was very tall, and relatively skinny, but it also arched quite far over the house. Its leaves blocked a lot of light over the deck. And that menacing arch made me nervous, especially for such a thin tree. My pretty little pines are staying, at least for now. They provide some great privacy, especially since we don't have a lot of curtains up yet. They also look much better once they have been cleaned up, and the surrounding trees cleared out.

Eeeek! See! Close call there. I love how you can see the fumes from the chainsaw in this picture.

After: still at work on the other trees. The pines now stand alone, and there is already so much more light on the yard. Many thanks to our experienced tree removal crew. From what I hear, they enjoyed the work as much as I enjoyed coming home to the results of their efforts.

Firewood anyone? This is just one of the large piles. Which reminds me, I need to call someone to come clean the chimney.

This is a great view of the new yard. We've cleared out a ton of trees, and leveled some of the higher areas. We have a bit more filling and leveling to get it all nice and flat, but it is much improved already. Just out of view on the left is where the Pieris Japonica bushes are planted. They'll grow to make a nice border at the back of the yard. As you can see, Maybe is inspecting all the changes.

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