Monday, October 11

Sew cute.

One of my afternoon projects this summer was fixing up this little sewing table. Found on the side of the road by a skilled and experienced trash picker, all it needed was a little love. Some of my favorite pieces of furniture have been plucked from the trash, here is the latest...

This is perfect size for the guest bedroom. We didn't need a full dresser, but still wanted a small table for a lamp and for guests to set small things down. Seeing that it still has a full, working sewing machine in it, it's quite heavy for such a small piece. The top drawer even has spindles for little spools of thread, and a pin cushion built right in.

After much sanding, I was ready to paint. I'll admit I was being lazy, and skipped a coat of primer. This probably cost me a few extra coats of paint, but I had plenty to spare from a quart of a pale Benjamin Moore yellow, called Candlelit Dinner. The yellow is a bit paler than I thought it would be, it ended up being more of a really creamy off-white, which I'm just fine with. I didn't paint the inside of the drawers, or underneath the folding top, as I didn't want anything to stick shut, but I may go back later and clean up those parts with a fresh coat.

Luckily the missing knob was found in one of the drawers. I'm still debating whether to put the original ones back on, either in their current state, or painted another color. Or to possibly find new knobs, but I'm afraid anything too small might look out of scale. Even though it's a small piece, it has some weight to it, so nothing prissy or petite would really work. Along with a few really cute accessories, including a manual, and a red box and pale blue tin containing sewing odds and ends.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and I can't wait to see it in the finished room. Now all I need is a lamp, curtains, a chair, a headboard...

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  1. I don't know... this might be a perfect excuse to get some gorgeous hardware from Anthropologie!