Sunday, October 10

More outdoors.

One of these Sunday nights I'd love to not be stiff and sore as hell. But I fear, until the snow falls, that will not be so. There is so much still to do, but it is really starting to shape up outside. I'm nearly finished rebuilding my stone retaining wall, and we've moved a significant amount of dirt to flatten out the upper and lower lawns. When I say we, I mean Dave watched me struggle trying to push the old, rusty wheelbarrow full of dirt up the hill before relieving me of my duties. I went back to weeding and my rock wall.

Living in the woods your work outside is never really done. Sometimes I feel like I could rake the entire yard, and sweep the driveway, Leaves, acorns and sticks are constantly falling, so keeping up with that is enough to keep anyone busy.

It's inspiring to see how much we've done already, and so we keep plugging on. We can't build the wood retaining walls until we have a few of the larger trees taken out. Hopefully those can come out in the next few weeks, so we can get moving on the walls. I hope I'm not underestimating things when I think about the actual scope of that project. We've already done much of the work to get ready for the walls. We'll have to dig a trench to fill with gravel, level the timbers (which will be pre-cut to length), and stack them, inserting metal spikes or rebar to keep them in place. Although the timbers will be pressure treated, I'm thinking about putting landscaping cloth against the back of them, just to give a little bit of extra protection from moisture. We have three small walls to build, each only a few feet high, nothing too crazy or overwhelming.

Sooooo yes, still more to do. At least all this yard work is a good substitute for the gym. And although I complain now, I'd much rather shovel dirt than shovel snow.

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