Sunday, February 20

I used to have a blog.

I don't know where the last month has gone. It seems like only yesterday it was New Years, and yet here we are, February flying right by. I've started a new job, which has consumed almost all of my energy for the last while. Finishing up my old position, and gearing up for a new start, with a new spiffed up wardrobe and all, kept me quite busy. But now I've gotten smoothly into the swing of things, up bright and early each morning, and home right at 5:30pm everyday.

We've started attacking the dining room wallpaper again. It is tedious work, and will take many more hours before we feel like we're getting somewhere. It helps that it's staying lighter later each night. It makes it easier to want to get some work done on weekday evenings. Spring is not far off, although looking out my window tells me otherwise. I'm looking forward to warmer weather so I can get back to some painting projects. I have a backlog of furniture in the garage that is ready to be painted, including a fabulous new little armchair I have yet to share. This was a Craigslist win. I got lucky with my timing, and a seller who stayed true to dealing with the first responder. She told me she had nine other people interested, but it was first come, first serve. And I was first!

I've also readied myself for some sewing projects, finally. I brought a table into the family room, so I can work in the evenings without being upstairs alone. I'm starting with covers for the throw pillows for the family room. Four in all, from three different fabrics. Three of the pillows I already have, and will just make new zippered covers. The last is a large pillow form I bought at Joann's on sale for 50% off. I just happened to be running errands and stopped in to find this great sale. The pillow form, which normally would have been expensive, was much more reasonable at half-off. I also purchased some foam to give a little extra padding to the seat of that armchair I was just telling you about. The fabrics are all from my recent purchases at Two variations of blue and natural zig-zags, and one from a softer yellow and ivory Ikat. I haven't sewn in a while, much less sewn in zippers, and on fabrics with patterns that need to be carefully matched up. Gosh I hope my sewing machine still works!

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