Sunday, February 20

Your Oops is my find.

I've become a bit of a compulsive shopper when it comes to the Oops paint at Home Depot. So much so that I've self-imposed a moratorium on anything new until I can use up some of what I already have. Now, I'll only buy from Home Depot of course, because Lowe's just doesn't knock down the price enough. What I've been finding lately is all quarts, and the Depot sells them for $1. Lowe's wants $5. Highway robbery!

If you're not familiar with Oops paint, it is usually paint that has been mixed and then returned, or often never even left the store because the original buyer did not like the outcome. Considering the money we've spent on paint in the last year, checking the Oops paint is always worth it.

On a recent trip to the Depot to pick up one quick item, I buzzed right by the paint department, almost without stopping, until I heard someone say, "Excuse me, where do you keep your Oops paint?" Oops paint! Must turn around! I found myself a few paces behind the couple that had inquired about the paint, only to hear the husband disappointedly say, "Ugh, just some stain and this ugly blue color." Well I'd love to see their house if they thought this was an ugly color. Their bad taste is my score. It was a quart of the most perfect pale robin's egg blue, semi-gloss, just how I like it. For the price of a pack of gum, this little quart of paint made my day.

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