Tuesday, June 1

Big weekend!

Oh I wish we could have three day weekends all the time. We were super productive, even kicking off Friday night with a few hours of work after dinner. We carried that into a busy Saturday, partied on Sunday, and picked up the work again Monday, albeit at a much slower pace. We crossed a good chunk off our weekend to-do list, not all, but definitely enough in my book. While we did have some set backs, we had way more successes.

Our completed tasks included:
-Re-arranging the built in shelves in the study (yes, we're calling it the study now as opposed to boring old office, this weekend's work earned it an upgraded title)
-Painting the study a lovely shade of green
-Putting together our new patio set (as seen above)
-Putting together the rod hockey table game (this is where the major set back occurred, it is missing several key pieces, we didn't discover this until halfway through)
-Planting some annuals in our cool new outdoor pots
-Locating, but didn't quite get around to hanging, bamboo shades for the master bathroom (sorry neighbors, shows over!)
-Weed whacking the entire yard, including the pachysandra, which looks much better with a bit or a trim
-Cleaning up the yard and put another 10 or so wheelbarrows full to the compost pile
-Finding blue upholstery weight velveteen fabric on clearance to be used on the little pair of chairs we found not too long ago on Craig's List.
-Choosing the paint color for the kitchen, which is next on the painting list

Pictures of the study will follow soon. I have to pick up a few new outlet and switch plate covers to replace the wallpaper covered ones. And yes, there was at some point some hideous plaid wallpaper in the study. Thankfully it was bad enough for someone before us to take it down. The color came out great, and it was faster and easier than I'd imagined. Good thing because we have a lot more to paint in this place.

Someone found a new favorite sunny spot. Mom don't make me come inside!

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