Wednesday, June 30

First impressions...

Sometimes a great entryway is all you need. In my friend Jen's case, sometimes it's all you've got. Having recently moved into a new apartment she's found herself starting from scratch with her decor. Being a money savvy girl she's been taking her time making the place her own. I think this is the best way to do things. When people rush out and try to fill a room all at once it looks forced and cold. If you take your time and find things you really love it will always come out better.

So after major purchases like a couch and a bed, she went to work on her entryway. She found a great painted white console table (at TJ Maxx) and got them to give her a discount due to a few minor nicks and scratches. A total steal at the end of the day. Above it she hung a large square mirror from Pier One Imports. On the console sat a small hammered silver lamp and a rectangular tray to catch keys, change, etc. Beneath she placed a square basket (with hinged lid) and a blue and white Ming style urn. Of course I neglected to take a picture, and I'm sure I'm leaving out a few details, but the results were impressive. We stood in her entryway for 15 minutes admiring everything and chatting about her finds. It made for a great first impression.

We liked it so much we bought the same table, in black, right after we left her apartment, with her blessing of course. I'm hoping to spiff up our large front hall, but of course there is a major amount of wallpaper to be dealt with first. As usual I've dreamt up all these things in my head that I'll probably never find. But if I give it some time I'm sure I can find a few things to love to adorn the new table.

So no matter what your style is, put your best foot forward with a great entryway. I found some great images that reflect a variety of different tastes and function...

A great way to display a collection, whether it's vases, model boats or ceramic cats.

I love the use of pattern and color in this hall. And the recycling of an old dresser works perfectly if you have one hanging around. This could be great if you have storage issues. You could stash linens, winter gear or other miscellaneous items.

Funky, function, minimalist or glam, the key is to keep it simple. As you can see it doesn't take much to make a statement if it's done right.

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