Monday, February 22


Ok all, I'm back at it. I've been quite run down the last two weeks but I'm feeling much better. My headaches have mostly subsided, and as Dave says, I've got my spunk back.

We worked yesterday for eight hours on wallpaper in the dining room and then later the half bath. I cleaned up three trash bags of wallpaper from the dining room. This paper is quite the challenge. The under layer does not come off when it is wet or even moist, but does come off a bit better when its been freshly misted and then allowed to dry. We've probably got about 75% of the under layer off. The state of the drywall is a total disaster. There will be lots of sanding and spackling in our future.

After exhausting his patience in the dining room, Dave went to work on the half bath to try to make some actual progress. The paper came off really well and we found nice, clean painted drywall underneath. The difference from the dining room was astounding. Too good to be true of course. After turning the corner to the side wall he discovered yet another layer of wallpaper. For whatever reason it's not on all four walls, but it did come off a lot easier than the under layer in the dining room has. Even with only two walls worked on, and bits of paper all over the floor, that bathroom still looks ten times better. I know there were some fans of that paper (sorry Mom!) but it was just not our cup of tea.

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