Monday, February 1


What a mess this has turned into. It looks like were renovating an old civil war era home. Or maybe just that a civil war took place in our home. The first layer of wallpaper appears to have been put directly on the drywall with not even a coat of paint. At first we thought maybe it would be best not to try to take it off since it was so firmly attached and such a thin, delicate layer too. But that didn't work out so well. It came off easily in some places and in others it tore off the top layer of drywall. As you can see above we've got a mess of both layers of paper and a few layers of the drywall.

We're hoping that this room is the only one with the second layer. I've already poked around in the kitchen and bathroom enough to be pretty sure of that. So we started with the hardest room, at least we'll get it out of the way first. Lucky for me I have the best reno partner a girl could ask for working along side me.

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