Thursday, February 25

Puppy proofing.

So much clean up to do! Even after filling three large bags with wallpaper there's more now to be cleaned up. The first layer in the half bath has come down completely. Now we're left with 3 small walls with another layer to take off. It already looks so much better, and bigger!

Progress in the dining room has been reduced to any scrap we can manage to pull off. We're close, so close, but right now it feels like a 2x2" piece is a huge victory. Someone actually suggested to Dave the we simply replace the drywall. Um, what? I don't believe I've ever heard of completely replacing the drywall as a wallpaper removal option. For me that would be an extreme last resort. I'm confident we can get the remaining paper off and plaster the tears successfully. Will it be easy? No. Has it been fun? Not so much. The tears are just layers in the paper, not holes or dents even. A skim coat or two and some sanding should do the trick. (Fingers crossed!)

We're getting ready for Maybe to come home this weekend. She has a crate and some toys, not I just need to pull out the old sewing machine so she can have her own little custom bed. The funny little doors in the kitchen that allow us to close it off completely are going to come in handy for keeping a close eye on the little bugger. I guess for now we'll leave them on, they might just need new handles in the meantime.

Be prepared for lots of puppy pics!

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