Sunday, February 7

Making progress.

Although I haven't been in the dining room in 2 days to work on the wallpaper we're making progress elsewhere. We bought two new bedside tables yesterday that are tall enough for my mile high bed. They're very French, with round, mirrored trays at the top and bottom. I see lots of Windex in my future. We also found a set of lamps(JC Penney's, who knew?)which is great because many of our rooms are completely lacking in overhead lighting.

Today I've got to tackle the pile of boxes still stacked up in the living room. I've been avoiding it far too long. I'm hoping I can find some still missing treasures along the way.

As far as the wallpaper goes I'm thinking heat might do the trick on the older layer in the dining room. The top layer came off cleanly but the older layer does not respond the same way to the scoring and spraying. It comes off better when its dry so I'm thinking a little heat from the hairdryer might coax some of the thicker bits of paste into cracking. I'd like to avoid heavy chemicals if possible but that might be the next step if this doesn't work. Right now I'd say we've got about 20% of the bare wall showing. It's been a very slow process but I'm still optimistic about the final outcome.

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  1. I am feeling your pain...i have been where you are and I wish I rented a steamer from the beginning!!! TRUST ME it is worth every penny!!!