Monday, May 24

Aaaand an update...

I finally finished planting the front bed. All of the hostas, bleeding hearts, coral bells and astilbe are in the ground. The dirt is crap, all sand, so I'm hoping the addition of some potting soil is enough to sustain everything. It doesn't look like much now, although it is much improved from before. All of the landscaping cloth that was exposed all over the place has been fixed so that it is under the dirt. Hopefully if everything takes well, and the deer don't eat them all, it will look really nice next year once everything has a chance to fill in a bit.

I also planted one of the azalea in from of the light post. I have three more purple azaleas, one lilac and another bush I bought whose name is currently escaping me. It promises to be deer resistant with small pink blooms, I'll have to find a spot in the back yard for it.

As you can see we need to acquire a lawn mower after all. We were hoping to avoid that. (Maybe I'll win my case for the moss!)

Here's a closer shot. The bed still needs a finished edge. I'm thinking of stealing some rocks from the backyard. I covered everything with netting after I took this shot, to help keep the deer away. In the morning the netting was halfway pulled off, but the plants looked untouched. I'll be keeping my eye on them.

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