Thursday, May 20

Bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies!

Not too long ago I was complaining that we hadn't seen any little hippity hoppers around. But as the weather has warmed up we've seen quite a few bunnies bouncing around. Yesterday I took Maybe outside and she immediately went bounding off towards the garage after something. I came around the corner in time to see several small things scatter in all directions. Maybe started investigating one of the nearby wood piles, and then made her way back to the bush where all the bunnies had come from. In her haste she walked right by a teeny, tiny baby rabbit, frozen stiff in the middle of the pathway.

I carried Maybe to the other side of the yard to finish her business, and then whisked her inside with the lure of treats. Every time she's been out since she goes back sniffing around that bush. I'm praying she doesn't catch any of them, they're so cute!

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