Monday, May 10

Good riddance!

Finally they are gone, well, not completely gone, but at least moved down the hall to a heap in an empty bedroom. Two weeks ago I bought new rods and drapes at the Christmas Tree Shops. They've been staring at me ever since, so yesterday we finally found a few hours to get them up.

Now they look really shiny in this picture due to the camera flash, but they actually only have a little bit of a sheen. They are a coffee color with just a hint of copper. They're faux silk, so they wash and iron easily, and they are fully lined. The best part is they were only $12 a panel. I bought the rods for $7 a piece. The pine cone finials match the details on our new nightstands.

While we were taking down the old hardware, we sort of accidentally might have pulled down the wallpaper border. Disclaimer: Please do not hot glue your hardware brackets to your walls. Also, 3" nails are also not necessary. So the border just happened to peel off really easily, and Dave got to work on that while I finished the curtains. The rest of that paper may be a challenge, but it already looks ten times better in there.

So my next thought is, will anyone else want the old drapes? There's a chance, right? Someone out there could think those terrible things are just lovely. Curtains aren't cheap either, this could be someone's fabulous find. I can see the Craig's list posting now: For Sale: Gorgeous, custom made window treatments. Four pair of extra long, fully lined drapes, complete with all hardware. Beautiful floral print. Matching throw pillows included.

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