Wednesday, May 12

On a rainy Saturday in May.

I found myself up early with the puppy this past Saturday morning, and then, just as soon as she was up, she was back asleep on my lap. I decided to do a little early morning Craig's list searching, since weekends are prime time for new posts. The cat soon joined Maybe and I in the office, curling up by my chair and falling off to sleep as well. As my 9am (on a Saturday!) pre-tea brain perused the new listings I happened upon what I thought might be a gold mine. A church rummage sale about half an hour away. They had listed two beautiful dining sets along with various other furniture items. I was really only interested in the chairs from one of the sets, but I thought it might be worth checking out. In the pictures I thought I saw what looked like a warehouse of furniture.

So off we go, to find some fabulous piece that we could someday joke about where we'd found it and boast over how cheap it was. Once we arrived I could tell from the parking lot that this was not going to be what I thought it was. There were only a few other cars, not quite the happening event I'd imagined it to be.

Once inside was even worse. What I thought was furniture for sale in the background of the pictures was just the church's own tables and chairs moved aside to make room for the sale. Both dining sets were long gone. It was like a really sad garage sale, only with nice, friendly people working, offering up the last little bits for pennies just to see them go.

I did scoop these up. I love hobnail, and we couldn't leave empty handed. The more I look at them the more I love them. And of course, you never can have too many candlesticks.

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