Monday, May 24

We have a minor problem.

Somehow the Allium, although battered and broken and trampled by Maybe, have managed to survive. I fear some of my new purchases may not be so lucky. The deer have decided to make snacks out of my new hostas and bleeding hearts. Not cool. Most of them aren't even in the ground yet, but the battle for survival has begun. I want to play nice, but please don't mess with my flowers.

For now they are covered by some netting we discovered while cleaning up the backyard. I'm hoping to try a deer repellent liquid. My neighbor's hostas are beautiful, why do they seem to prefer my snack size ones? I might be able to forgive them if they start leaving their babies on the deck, as promised by one of our neighbors. But I have yet to come home to sweet baby deer lounging out back, waiting for its mother to come back. If, and when that happens, all might be forgiven.

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