Tuesday, March 30

Destructo Chic.

I think we may be onto something here.

This is from the latest West Elm catalog.

And this is my dining room currently, dressed up for last weekend's company. Hmmm...maybe we should leave it after all. Distressed drywall could be the latest trend. It would save a lot of time and money on joint compound.

Speaking of saving money, I'm just noticing all my little bargains that appear in this picture. Some of my favorite clearance finds. I found the oak dining chairs at a consignment shop, 3 for $50. I'm still trying to track down more, and my sister is scheming on how to talk me out of mine, since they match hers as well. The chair painting, one of my very favorite things, I found at the Marshall's Home Goods store nearby. It was originally $100 but I waited it out and got it when they marked it down to $60. Score! The round blue vase was another Marshall's find, on clearance for $5.50.

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