Monday, March 15

Gearing up.

Well we had quite the trip to Lowe's yesterday. We had a coupon and were debating whether it was worth heading over there before it expired. It turns out it was well worth the trip. We bought a much needed leaf blower, motion sensor flood lights for the backyard, paint for the dining room, office and hallway, a hose and two rakes, along with some other random bulbs, gardening gloves, etc. That coupon and a few gift certificates later we felt like we'd robbed the place.

We'd been back and forth over paint colors but agreed enough on those three rooms and finally nailed down the colors we liked best. I'm so picky it would take me months to decide between two colors that are almost exactly the same. Maybe it was wishful thinking buying paint for the dining room, which is still in a full on disaster state, and the hallway, which seems like a completely overwhelming task. But we prefer to think positively. Every time I come down stairs I can picture the freshly painted walls and shiny marble tiles. We've got the materials, all we need now is the time and patience!

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