Friday, March 12

Spring has sprung!

Or at least we've gotten a glimmer of what may be Spring lurking around the corner. It makes me think of all the projects we'll be able to do once it warms up a bit. Mostly, I'm dreaming of painting. I've got a few furniture projects lined up that I can't wait to get to. So far I have a dining room table and an armchair (more on this later) that need to be sanded, primed and painted. Both are far too gone to be properly refinished at this point. I found the table on Craig's list for $35 and the armchair on the side of the road so I don't feel bad slapping on a few coats of paint. I also have a buffet for the dining room that needs to be refinished. It's a pretty simple piece so I'm hoping my first refinishing project will be an easy one.

So much to do and so little time, it seems all I do lately is chase around this wiggly little puppy. I'm starting to think those puppy play pens aren't the worst idea after all. Either that or we have to find a way to put her to work!

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