Tuesday, March 16

Identity crisis.

I have this chair. Sort of. My version looks nothing like this right now, but it has so much potential. These faux bamboo chairs are icons of sorts and I scored mine on the side of the road. Once again I'm sure I looked like a crazy person pulling this mess of a thing out of my neighbor's trash heap a few years ago. But for me, this was a total score. It's been a project in progress ever since then but it is way overdue for its final coat of paint.

When I found it the bright yellow paint was chipping and falling off all over the place. The burgundy brownish vinyl cover on the seat was ripped and covered in splattered paint. It was covered in dust and dog hair. It looked like it had lived in someones basement before finally getting the old heave ho.

There was so much dog hair stuffed in the edges of the vinyl seat that at one point I thought it might be stuffed with it. Gross. But I finally pulled it all back and took the entire seat apart. I've sanded it down as much as I can without hurting the fragile faux bamboo joints. With a few minor patches and a coat of primer it will be ready for it's next life. Now if I could only decide on a paint color and fabric for the seat.

I'm torn between a reincarnation of the bright yellow, maybe a bold turquoise, glossy red?? Or do I paint it black and let the bamboo be a statement on its own? And the fabric! How am I supposed to decide? I've bought two over the years that I was convinced were it, but then I changed my mind. Mind you this cushion will be removable and changeable, but I still can't decide. I'll open a poll for voting, but please don't be offended if I once again change my mind when it comes time.

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