Monday, March 22

One man's trash...

Oh how I love Craig's list. It is a brilliant invention, and especially after a great purchase I am especially grateful that someone came up with the idea. What better than an easy to use site that allows people to either get rid of something they don't want or find something they need. I'm sure this site alone has managed to keep plenty of miscellaneous furniture out of our dumps.

While looking at the furniture for sale section this Sunday, a busy, busy day in the Craig's list world, we found a great pair of antique chairs. After a flurry of emails with the owner we rushed over to get them before someone else snatched them up. We quickly met the wife and were checking out the chairs when the husband came around the corner, and knew Dave. Now Dave knows everybody, so maybe that isn't saying much, but come on! I respond to a random post and we end up in the house of someone Dave knows, in a city where we still hardly know anyone! It is a small, small Craig's list world.

The site itself is also a great source of comedy. The spelling errors alone are enough entertainment but I am also highly amused at the things people post, how they post it, and what people think their items are actually worth. The same 1980 vinyl topped table and generic chairs could be listed by different people for $50, or $150. Some people just don't realize when their stuff is really just crap to everyone else. Another favorite of mine is when people make sure to mention that something is from Ethan Allen, but meanwhile its also from 1976, and it's pretty ugly. I also love when people post Ikea items for the same price as they cost in store. Now don't get me wrong, I love Ikea, but it's like a car, the value decreases as soon as you leave the store.

Above is a preview of our new purchase, of course another project, but they're pretty cool. We have company coming so I'm going to attempt to slap on a fresh coat of paint and clean the upholstery so they are usable. Then at some point they'll need new upholstery. So I'll have a before, an after and then eventually another final after photo. For now, we're pretty pleased with them, and so is Maybe.

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