Thursday, January 21

Alright, alright.

So the dining room has taken a narrow lead, due to some campaigning a certain someone has been doing. But what do I see? Is the bedroom creeping up from behind?

For reference (since I'm still working out the kinks on here) the crackled peach disaster is the base paper in the bedroom (close up below) and the border is the navy blue with flowers the I think was supposed to look like needlepoint but instead just looks like pixelated. The trim is painted peach to match which just makes me shake my head in wonder. Omg that reminds me! Speaking of the wallpaper being plastered the bedroom the border is quite masterfully tacked over a heat vent on the wall. I can only imagine the time and precision it took someone to make that happen. I'll post a picture asap.

Keep the votes coming!

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