Friday, January 22

So much for my day off!

I was planning on having a really productive day today. I never take days off so I thought I'd take full advantage, maybe get my closet together or at least all my clothes in one place.

Not so much. My cat, Andre, was so scared of the cable guy that he peed on the carpet in the hallway and then sat on the wet spot. So I cleaned the carpet and then had to give the cat a bath, which is not something I regularly do. In fact I haven't fully shampooed him since he was a kitten and he fell in the toilet.

I also discovered that he has somehow cut or scratched his paw so I attempted to attend to that as well. I even ran out to buy gauze so I could bandage him up but after a series of dirty looks in my direction he just shook it til it fell off. Ah well, I hope at least the neosporin helps.

The good news is we've got cable finally. I am way behind on Real Housewives of Orange County! More to come tomorrow!

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