Thursday, January 28

It has begun.

I couldn't help myself. We were in the half bath discussing some ideas and I noticed a peeling corner of paper behind the towel bar. It was just begging to be ripped off. I got a few spots down to the bare wall where the border overlapped with the wallpaper. Oh yeah, did I mention that? There is a row of border paper halfway up the bathroom wall. As if just the wallpaper wasn't bad enough.

This weekend will be the first official project, starting with removing that dining room wallpaper. I'm praying that it comes down easily. We've gotten quite a few suggestions on the best ways to take it down. I think we'll start by scoring with the Pirahna and use hot water and vinegar to loosen the glue. If this doesn't seem to be working we'll upgrade to a commercial steamer.

We've narrowed down some paint colors for the first floor. It will be nice to have some wallpaper free walls to put these lovely colors on.

Fingers crossed!

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