Sunday, January 24


Ugh. I'm having quite the tough time figuring out how to get my card reader for my camera card to work on this laptop. I've got new pics to share and they're stuck in this little piece of plastic. This will have to be remedied. Unfortunately the IT department is sleeping in today.

In the meantime I've gotten a few requests for help. "Come to our house when you're done!" Which I'd love to do for everyone, at least virtually. I'll try to figure out a way for people to post or email pics and I will gladly share some advice. My design brain is always on and when I walk into a room usually the first thing I do is rearrange it in my head. I've had friends be afraid of me judging their house when I come over but I promise this is not the case. With some minor exceptions I've always been able to separate my own style from that of others. To each their own. One of my strongest design beliefs, especially when it comes to homes, is to fill it with things you love. If you do that it will all come together.

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