Tuesday, January 26

Things that go bump in the night.

We discovered a new critter last night. A raccoon scampered out of the woods as we were finishing dinner, crying and fussing and making a ruckus as it came through the brush in the backyard. I initially thought it was a lost puppy. Silly me. We can only imagine that he came out because it was trash night. Otherwise the few hundred acres of woods I hope would be more appealing than hiding under our deck. We might need to get a deer cam to check and see what else comes through.

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  1. Rhea - I am loving your blog about the house! Keep up the good work! As i look at all of the wallpaper it reminds me of my own wallpaper removal...I would recommend renting a steamer if you are doing it yourself! It saved me soooo much time and it came right off...i tried another method first and took me three days to remove a border!! Also, we spraypainted one of our brass light fixtures and it looked good!! It also saved us a pretty penny on buying a new one!