Wednesday, January 20

Bad, worse and just plain awful.

Lots, and lots, and LOTS of bad wallpaper. I've named the wallpaper and border combo in the bedroom "How do you sleep at night?". The sellers were even kind enough to leave the matching curtains and some lovely throw pillows to match. Can you say bonfire?

The kitchen is painted a deep shade of red, over the wallpaper, leaving me to wonder just how bad that wallpaper must have been for someone to paint over it. It's hard to imagine something worse than the faux fabric in the dining room. ('re not fooling anyone) Whoever put this stuff up was serious too. They papered the inside of the window frames, even up behind the cornice along with a 5/8" strip along a section of the crown molding. Just lovely.

Although the paisley in the half bath is not completely offensive in terms of pattern, the color wave is disgusting. If you're going to have flowers and leaves why make them brown, blue and some muted color that is best reserved for yogurt? All of the outlet covers and switch plates have also been papered.

What do we take down first?

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